13 Coolest Creepiest Gothic Accessories

Here are 13 Coolest Creepiest Gothic Accessories! Be sure to share with your friends!

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7 – Purses
Satchels, backpacks, whatever bag you choose to carry the more clever the design the better the look. The circular pattern is a new look which is making waves. Prints are always a fun addition to any cloth purse especially, they come in candy skulls, pentagrams, old school horror films, roses, tim burton characters, and stripes just to name a few. Long straps which hang down from shoulders or tiny pieces of leather clenched together, metal clasps, random pockets, whatever your choice, if the purse matches your outfit you know you have a winning combination.

6 – Rings
Metal is an extremely popular look for gothic rings right now, sometimes in the shape of claws or scales and usually imprinted with a pretty stone or jewel. Spiders and snakes are popular for creepy crawly rings. The full finger ringers which usually stretch from the hand to the top of the finger are usually the most expensive in finger adornment choices but they sure do look cool. With ten fingers and toes to decorate, this fashion accessory is an absolute necessity.

5 – Hair Clips
There are several spectral designs extremely popular for hair tethering currently crawling along dyed black scalps available online or if you’re a crafty Goth, easily creatable by your own squeamish design. Spiders, an iconic Gothic symbol which when holding back a ponytail appears as though a creepy arachnid is crawling up your hair. Another popular design is and will always be skulls, there are Day of the Dead Candy Skulls, adorable colorful kiddy skulls and the classic human skeletal skull, whether attached to a simple hair clip or attached to a black bow, skulls are a classic symbol of death which will never die. Skeletal hands are a new one which is proving infectious, hands missing flesh outlined in bony fingers come in any color and size your brooding angst can imagine. Lastly, eyeballs, whether outlined in fervent colors or attached to fluffy bows, these eye-catching clips are a new twist on an old favorite.

4 – Stick a Pin in Me
Pop art pins will never go out of style, they come in nearly every image imaginable and clip to just about anything. Attach a decorative pin to your handbag, skirt, shorts, pants, or sleeve of your t-shirt to make a whole new look. Steampunk has arrived with gears, grinding metal twists and turns and serpent looking Cthulhu’s have all become flashy popular pinned attire. Safety pins are an old favorite which refuses to go out of style, as well as old Victorian styling with moody stones.

3 – Umbrellas
If you have ever seen the Tim Burton classic film Batman Returns, than you know just how devastatingly cool an umbrella can be. Stripes are hugely popular and come in nearly every color combination as well as frilly lace and spider webbed designs. Parasols or umbrella are a good accessory for daytime avoidance of ultraviolet radiation, the Asian design with wooden planked interior is classic and extremely functional. The cupped downward appearance or scooped-out look is extremely popular as well as veils hanging down from the ends.

2 – Belts
Some classic Gothic belt stylings include the checkered pattern available in nearly every color combination known to man. Studded is another extremely popular look, as well as hoops and additional chains which are strewn onto the belt and hang down on the hips. Bullets are another popular look for this accessory meant to help hold up your pants. Skeletal hands looped around hips is a super gothic cute look. And furry patterns are another favourite, mostly cheetah and zebra patterns. A new style racing through the scene is the utility belt design, the hoops and rings and metal chains and buckles hang down from the belt and usually favour one thigh or are made of leather and have a combination of tiny pouches strewn across the sides. And don’t forget your belt buckle, big metal designs like pot leaves and Batman symbols are super in right now.

1 – Tiaras and Crowns
For the Royal Goth in all of us. Tiara’s are most popular in metal designs, some new ones really spreading through new shops are Celtic designs, pagan symbols are another one and throwbacks to the middle ages. Spiked out crowns are a good choice for Goth queens, feathers, spikes, precious stones, spiderweb patterns, frilly hanging pearls and glass beads anchoring down to slanted eyebrows are all top notch looks for this classic piece of headwear which is making a sinister comeback.

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