Gothic – Demons – Official Video

Gothic – `Demons` (2015)

Video Production by Stefan Vasile Ban at Pro23 Events :

Music and lyrics : Alin Petrut.
Musical arrangements : Gothic.
Additional vocals : Klaus Pardos.
Actor : Alexandru `Ruffi` Chelariu.
Mixed by Nimrod (ex.Altar) and Alin Petrut at Corvin Recording Studio Cluj :
Drums recording and drum maping at Consonance Studio Timisoara :
Guitars recorded at Lowbass5 Studio Deva :
Vocals recorded at Toc Studio Lupeni.

Gothic is one of the best melodic death metal acts from Transilvania, Romania, multi-awarded, with great touring experience and hundreds of shows, including an appearance at WACKEN Open Air 2012. The song `Demons` is the first single of their upcoming album `Demons` out on Loud Rage Music 2017.

Line-up :
Alin Petrut – guitar / vocals
George Lazar – vocals
Alin Moise – guitar
Taly – bass
Vlad Golgotiu – drums

Lyrics :

Here I am
Surrounded by old demons
They never left

In the process of redemption
Time will tell
And the fear is left behind me
Failed the master plan
All that`s left is the time waitin`
For the end.

I feel their breath inside my dream
The darkness stains around me
A web of black, surrounding scent
The night is growing senseless.

Believer – Deceiver
Crawl down in the deepest mud.
Creation – Isolation
Be alone your entire life.

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